Mushrooms recommend dishes ......

Mushrooms recommend dishes ...


The numerous mushrooms of the Tuchola Forest makes for the local cuisine to be full of various types of dishes prepared from the gifts of the forest or additives for dishes. Problably there are no adults in Poland who have never eaten a dish with mushrooms. Some prefer scrambled eggs with mushrooms, others prefer fried and coated in egg and bread crumbs (saffron milk cap, parasol mushroom, man on horseback are preferably best for such a form).

Typical Polish dishes are also known for used mushroom additives. Bigos (meat and cabbage stew) would not taste so well without dried boletes or bay boletes, and Christmas without the smell of cooked dried mushrooms in dumplings, cabbage in pierogi or mushroom soup would not be the same. Mushrooms have infinite possibilities of use

Recommended dishes with mushrooms:

cakes with mushrooms, mushroom soup, pork knuckle with cabbage and mushrooms, bigos, kaszotto (dish made from groats) with mushrooms, pierogi (dumplings) with mushrooms, tortilla with mushrooms, mushroom sauce and many more.