Fruits recommended for...

Fruits recommended for ...


Fruits from Polish forests, fields and orchards are known for their excellent taste. Thanks to great demand, the processing industry is constantly developing. The market offers different preserves based on Polish fruits, which are used for numerous dishes.

Fruits, flowers or shoots of plants are used to prepare purees, syrups, fruit mousses, jams and many more. Freshly collected, they may be added to ice cream, desserts, meats, similarly to their processed forms. Highly appreciated syrups from Polish fruits serve not only as a toppings, e.g. for pancakes, waffles, but also as medicines improving the immune processes of the organism.

Recommended dishes from berries (bilberries): blueberry muffins (sweet buns with berry filling), pierogi with berries, yeast dough with berries, berry soup (served hot or cold), syrup, berry juice (for ice cream, desserts, groats), berry liqueurs, Cumberland sauce.

Recommended dishes from fruits:

lingonberries: bilberry sauce, preserves and jams, bilberry jelly.

cranberries: venison, fish in cranberry sauce, cranberry jellies, yeast dough with cranberries, muffins with cranberries.

raspberries: juice, raspberry syrup, raspberry jellies, chocolate cake with raspberries, Pavlova - meringue cake, raspberry tart, and many others.

strawberries: kefir with strawberries, strawberry jellies, sponge cake with strawberries and jelly, strawberries in chocolate.

quinces: apple and quince tart, quince juice, spicy quince mousse, quince liqueur.